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Welcome to Alafehi Retreat, in the breathtaking island of Fuvahmulah!

Luxury & comfort in the heart of Fuvahmulah

The modern three-bedroom holiday home is designed with attention to detail to provide a comfortable, restful experience within an idyllic island life setting - as an intimate private space for small families and friends.

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The Villa

The living room and bedrooms housed within the grand, solid structure are decorated using elegant hand carved timber furniture and fittings, and comfortable upholstery. The outdoor area houses a plunge pool, a barbeque seating area, and a modernised swing house.

The home’s green and breezy surroundings and neighbourhood are pleasurable to explore. Narugis - the name given to the road - is the Dhivehi name for white rain lily, a common flower seen on the sides of roads.

Explore our Villa

Explore our surroundings

The houses found here are mostly simple vernacular structures, tucked away comfortably beneath shady mango, breadfruit, jambul, and ambarella trees. A minute’s walk eastward will take you to dynamic eastern edge of the island, where the oceanic waves break vigorously against the shore, blowing a continuous island-ward salty breeze through the coconut tree groves evoking a mesmerizing, meditative effect on anyone who stops to observe the play of the rising sun’s rays on the panorama of the horizon.

Explore Fuvahmulah

Exploring Fuvahmulah

Stunning Beaches

Wanderlust Travel magazine 2014 listed Fuvahmulah Island among the nineteen secret beaches in Asia.

Dive with Tiger Sharks

Fuvahmulah is a renowned diving destination, famous for tiger sharks and other pelagic species which frequent the surrounding waters.

Nature Parks

Fuvahmulah, which has been declared a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, is an oasis of greenery which once fed its inhabitants with the produce of its fertile soil.

Stay with Us!

Cross the equator to visit Fuvahmulah, a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, and stay with us to experience our culture and distinctive customs, and to explore the depths of this precious pearl of Maldive seas, from the comfort of your private retreat in the island.

Stunning Beaches

Wanderlust Travel magazine 2014 listed Fuvahmulah Island among the nineteen secret beaches in Asia. This beach, 'thoondu' in the local dialect, amazes both locals and visitors alike. A barefoot walk on this unique sand is said to be a heavenly experience for all.

Underwater Marvels

Around this single island in the atoll, divers encounter a variety of pelagic species which are rare in other parts of the Maldives. Thresher, tiger, oceanic whitetip and hammerhead are some of the shark species that are often seen, while the oceanic manta ray is a delight to watch.